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New York Giants news, 7/2: Andrew Thomas’ offseason work, shortened preseason debate, more

Let’s get to your Thurssday headlines

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Giants' Andrew Thomas has made "tremendous progress," says performance coach and former NFL lineman Kynan Forney

Forney was a seventh-round pick who played for the Atlanta Falcons from 2001-2009. He had many positive things to say about Thomas. Among them:

“I see tremendous improvement in him,” Forney said on the show. “Let’s be clear about this, Andrew is a very smart football player. One thing that I’ve noticed with him is that when I show him something on film … I correct it right there on the field and he’ll see it and he’ll make the correction right then. There’s been some times when he’s blown me away when I say, ‘Hey, look here maybe you not want to flare your elbows back as much because it’s taking too much time, let’s keep them nice and tight.’ Whatever the situation is, as soon as we do the next rep, he corrects it and fixes it. He’s very smart and will correct it. He’s a coach’s dream. He’s a coach’s pleasure. I know the Giants will be very happy with him when they get him coming up this fall. I’m trying to get him ready for Sunday, and he’s very coachable, very smart, and he’s trying to work it.”

There was also this on whether Thomas should play left or right tackle:

“Honestly, in my honest opinion from working with him, he can go left to right easy,” Forney said. “He can be playing left tackle Week 1, injury happens, ‘Hey, Andrew, we need you to play right tackle this week.’ He can make that transition real easy because I have him working both sides. I have him cross-training both sides. … He’s just as good at both of them. He knows how to hold his hands on either side. He can from either side. I don’t see him not playing either side.”

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NFLPA has not signed off on shortened preseason

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