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New York Giants roster rankings: From the long shots to the most important players

I will take a crack at this — and I’m sure you will tell me I have it all wrong

Rysen John

For weeks now we have been painstakingly profiling members of the New York Giants’ 90-man roster. We aren’t done, with a ways to go, with more than 30 profiles to squeeze in before the start of training camp on July 28.

One thing we haven’t done is actually rank the roster. That is something I used to do during the regular season, but haven’t done in a loooong time. Just for fun, let’s try ranking the roster the Giants will bring to training camp.

We will go in reverse order and go 10 players at a time. And yes, you will notice that the roster starts at No. 91. That’s because running back Sandro Platzgummer comes to the Giants via the International Pathway program, meaning his presence does not count against the 90-man roster. In effect, he’s an extra player. NFC East teams will all carry an additional International Pathway player this season.

Anyway, here is your bottom 10 Giants entering training camp. This is pretty much the long-shot free agents.

91. RB Sandro Platzgummer
90. DB Malcolm Elmore [profile]
89. TE Rysen John [profile]
88. DE Dana Levine [profile]
87. DB Jaquarius Landrews [profile]
86. CB Christian Angulo [profile]
85. DE Oluwole Betiku [profile]
84. LB Dominique Ross
83. TE Kyle Markway [profile]
82. DE Niko Lalos [profile]
81. OL Tyler Haycraft [profile]