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New York Giants’ facility has reportedly been reopened

“Small number of employees” back at team’s headquarters


The New York Giants reportedly took a small step toward getting ready for a 2020 football season on Wednesday when a “small number of employees” returned to work in the Giants’ headquarters in East Rutherford, N.J.

New York (more than 30,000 deaths) and New Jersey (more than 11,000 deaths) have been the states hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced on May 26 that professional sports teams would be allowed to return to their facilities.

For now, it appears that players and coaches will continue to meet virtually. Here is more from Kim Jones:

In “slow, steady reopening” of facility, “15-20 ppl (including) Dave Gettleman & members of his football administration staff” returned. No coaches. Other staffers, incl medical ppl, are there. “John Mara is also in the office today.”

The league announced on Tuesday that all 32 teams will be required to hold training camps at their home practice facilities, something the Giants have done for the past several years.

The only exception would be if a “club can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of a joint NFL-NFLPA medical task force, that it would not be feasible to conduct at their club facility.”