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The Chris and Joe Show: Breaking down LB Tae Crowder

Will Mr. Irrelevant be irrelevant for the Giants?

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Missouri Tigers v Georgia Bulldogs Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

After roughly five weeks of breaking down the New York Giants 2020 draft class, we finally reached the end of our series of deep dives.

Today The Chris and Joe Show breaks down the Giants’ final pick, Tae Crowder, a linebacker out of Georgia. Crowder was, fittingly for this series, the final pick in the draft at 255th overall. Crowder is a recent convert to the linebacker position, having been recruited as a running back. But defensive-minded Kirby Smart wanted Crowder’s athleticism on the field, not burried on a stacked RB depth chart.

So what are the Giants getting from Mr. Irrelevant?

In This Podcast

  • Tae Crowder’s mesurables
  • What does Crowder bring in pass coverage?
  • Do his running back instincts still show up?
  • What can Crowder work on at the NFL level?
  • What are a realistic floor and ceiling for Crowder?

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