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Will new COVID-19 quarantine impact New York Giants training camp?

New Jersey, along with New York and Connecticut, Wednesday announced a travel advisory that requires anyone from states with high coronavirus rates to quarantine for 14 days.

With New York Giants training camp scheduled to open on July 28 the obvious question is how that will impact the team’s ability to host training camp at its East Rutherford, N.J. headquarters.

The advisory, which begins at midnight, currently applies to Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas. The states it applies to will change based upon state-by-state virus rates.

Obviously, the Giants have players currently living in many, if not all, of those states.

Will those players be required to travel to New Jersey two weeks before camp opens to quarantine before practicing? Will some type of work exception be made for incoming travelers, provided they test negative for COVID-19? Those questions are as of yet unanswered.

New York and New Jersey were, of course, at one time the states hit hardest by COVID-19, and have used stay-at-home, restrictions, business shutdowns, social distancing guidelines, and the use of masks to drive down the infection rate. The travel advisory is a turnaround from when Rhode Island was stopping vehicles with New York license plates.

Here is New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, via CNN:

“This is not a polite recommendation, this is a strong advisory built on the back of the healthcare professionals,” he said. “We are asking folks to take on a big amount of personal responsibility here, to do the right thing for themselves as well as for their families, communities and the rest of us.”

When asked about the possibility of fines, he said the health commissioner “has within her powers to directly address an individual who is non-compliant.”