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Giants make some scouting changes, hire staff psychologist

The New York Giants let go of long-time scouts Ryan Jones and Donnie Etheridge during the offseason, and had another veteran scout, Steve Verderosa, retire. The Giants have begun announcing moves to replenish the scouting department.

Marquis Pendleton, who began his time with the Giants as a public relations intern in 2014, has been promoted from BLESTO scout to an Area Scout. Blaise Bell, a former wide receiver for Holy Cross, is now the BLESTO Scout.

The Giants also reportedly recently added Courtney Kennedy, an intern last season, as a data analyst.

It was also reported Monday afternoon that the Giants have — for the first time — hired a full-time sports psychologist. The Giants have added Dr. Lani Lawrence as director of wellness and clinical services, a newly-created position in the organization.

Per the New York Post, Lawrence will also be head of player engagement/development, working with Ashley Lynn, the current assistant director of player engagement.

The Post also reports that the Giants have severed ties with Super Bowl 42 hero David Tyree, who was formerly director of player engagement.