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Cornerback Logan Ryan is still available — should Giants be interested?

Ryan says he won’t be back with Tennessee

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

It is pretty stunning, honestly, that seven-year veteran cornerback Logan Ryan is still unemployed this deep into the NFL offseason.

Ryan took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce that he will be moving on from the Tennessee Titans after three seasons there. He wrote “My chapter in Tennessee has come to a close.”

Ryan spent four years with the New England Patriots before joining the Titans, so he has familiarity with New York Giants coach Joe Judge and defensive coordinator Patrick Graham.

I advocated two months ago for the Giants to sign Ryan. This is what Jimmy Morris of SB Nation’s Music City Miracles told us at the time:

“Ryan is probably getting close to the point in his career where it makes sense for him to move to safety. He has been open about that being a possibility for him. He has lost a step but at this point is still able to play well because of how smart of a player he is. The Titans did a lot with him last year, including sending him on a blitz pretty often. He’s really good at that! There is no doubt that he would be an excellent mentor for young corners. The defensive back room has been one of the strongest on the Titans over the last couple of years and that is due in large part to Ryan’s leadership.

“Someone will get a very valuable asset on and off the field with him.”

Constant reports have indicates that Ryan has had free agent suitors, but that he has priced himself out of the market to this point.

The Giants signed James Bradberry in free agency to be their No. 1 corner. They added Dravon Askew-Henry to compete in the slot. They drafted cornerbacks Darnay Holmes and Chris Williamson.

The Giants have roughly $17 million in cap space remaining. If Ryan is willing to drop his price tag, might he be a player worth pursuing as a slot cornerback despite the investments the Giants have already made?