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DeAndre Baker can travel for work, but will Giants want him to?

Broward County will allow Baker to leave the state

DeAndre Baker, still facing felony armed robbery charges in Florida, on Wednesday received an order to travel for work by a Broward County judge. That means that Baker could travel to New Jersey or wherever the New York Giants end up holding in-person/on-field meetings and workouts. If, of course, the Giants and the NFL allow that to happen.

Baker must provide “a detailed itinerary of his out-of-state activities” if he leaves Florida for work purposes.

When Baker was freed from jail, he was told by the Giants to stay away from the team’s virtual meetings. From what I understand, that remains true.

Baker has, since being released, posted a couple of workout videos on his Instagram page.

There has been no indication at this point as to when Baker’s case will be resolved. Nor has there been an indication as to whether or not the NFL will hand down discipline of its own regardless of the outcome of the criminal proceedings.