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Eli Manning joins Twitter

This is not a drill

NFL: New York Giants-Eli Manning Retirement Press Conference Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY Sports

Eli Manning now has a new outlet to keep him occupied during retirement: Twitter.

The two-time Super Bowl MVP officially created a Twitter account after being absent on the platform since it was founded.

Manning’s paraphrased Jimmy Chitwood from the movie “Hoosiers” in his inaugural tweet.

Numerous accounts within the NFL world welcomed Manning to Twitter, including Tom Brady. Brady joked that it was classic Manning to wait until the “fourth quarter” to show up, meaning his late arrival to Twitter is aligned with Manning’s late-game heroics.

Manning joining Twitter is surprising, considering it’s the first form of social media he’s appearing on. It’s not hard to imagine why Manning was averse to joining Twitter during his playing days. After all, Twitter is a breeding ground for hot takes and cruel words. Manning would’ve been setting himself up for unnecessary backlash if he were on Twitter during his playing career.

Interestingly enough, Manning’s successor Daniel Jones is on Twitter and Instagram, though he seldom posts. One would assume Manning helped advise Jones on how to properly navigate quarterbacking the Giants while blocking out the noise. Additionally, Manning already has almost twice the Twitter followers Jones has.

As it stands, Manning follows 10 accounts. The Giants, the NFL, three Ole Miss athletics accounts and five accounts run by charities.

It’s hard to imagine Manning keeping a very active Twitter feed, but the mere fact that he now owns an account on the platform is noteworthy.

And of course, his bio section — save for a few choice emojis — reiterates the most profound words from his retirement press conference.

“Once a Giant, Always a Giant, Only a Giant.”