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DeAndre Baker: Attorney files not guilty plea

Another step taken in Baker’s case

A not guilty plea to all eight counts (four armed robbery, four aggravated assault with a firearm) has been filed to the Broward County Circuit Court on behalf of DeAndre Baker by his attorney, Bradford Cohen.

Baker’s attorney also filed a demand for a jury trial and for discovery.

No date for a jury trial has been set. Daniel Wallach, legal analyst for The Athletic, told us Monday that “the earliest it [a jury trial] could potentially take place would be in 2021 if not 2022.”

Baker’s attorney have been adamant that the 22-year-old New York Giants cornerback is innocent of charges relating to his role in an armed robbery last Wednesday in Miramar, FL.

Patrick G. Patel told Ralph Vacchiano that Baker was set up.

“There was no robbery,” Patel said. “Nothing at all. He’s absolutely taking that position. And I’m confident the state is going to look at all the facts and realize it’s absurd that a kid making $2 million a year is going to steal a fake watch.” ...

“The situation is simple: Dre was the first-round draft choice at the party,” Patel said. “There were no other first-round draft picks. [Quinton] Dunbar is an NFL athlete too. These two guys were the marks.”

Cohen said in a statement that “ ... we seek justice. I look forward to moving this case forward to proper conclusion, as we believe our client is innocent of any charges.”

Baker is free on $200,000 bond. He will reportedly be allowed to leave his gun in his attorney’s possession rather than turning it in to Florida police, and will be allowed to leave Florida to come to New Jersey for work with the Giants as required.