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NFL facilities can begin to reopen Tuesday; Giants won’t be among them

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League takes first steps toward full reopening


NFL teams in states where stay-at-home restrictions have been loosened enough to allow it can reopen their facilities as soon as next Tuesday, May 6.

With stay-=at-home restrictions remaining in place in New Jersey, the New York Giants will not be among those teams.

“It takes more time than four days to reopen a facility that has been shut down for two months,” the Giants said in a statement. “We are subject to state regulations. Bottom line, when we are cleared on all fronts to go back, we will, in an orderly, systematic, and safe way to protect those in our building. It has been a process and protocol we have been developing for the last month or two.”

Per, team facilities can reopen provided they do so under “governing state and local regulations, are in compliance with additional public health requirements in their jurisdiction, and have implemented the protocols that were developed by Dr. Sills and distributed to all clubs on May 6.”

Here is more on the guidelines from the statement released by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s office:

During this first phase of reopening the following is in place:

  • Teams are not allowed to have more than 50 percent of staff in the facility, and the number cannot exceed 75 people. That total is for all club locations combined.
  • No members of the coaching staff are permitted to return to the facility in order to “ensure equity among all 32 clubs.” The strength and conditioning coach may continue work in the facility only if said person “is currently participating in player rehabilitation.”
  • No players are allowed in the facility other than those currently undergoing treatment.
  • Teams must promptly report any incidence of COVID-19 in the facility.
  • Teams must promptly report any change in government regulations.