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Giants release rookie jersey numbers

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Here’s what numbers the rookie class will be wearing

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New York Giants fans don’t have to wait any longer to see what numbers the rookie class will be donning.

The team announced the jersey numbers for the entire 2020 rookie class via social media.

No. 4 overall selection Andrew Thomas will be wearing 78, while second-round pick Xavier McKinney will be playing in 29. Thomas wore 71 at Georgia, which is the number third-year guard Will Hernandez wears. McKinney was No. 15 at Alabama, but he can’t wear the same number in the NFL, as the league limits defensive backs to numbers between 20-49.

The full list of numbers is as followed:

  • Andrew Thomas: 78
  • Xavier McKinney: 29
  • Matt Peart: 74
  • Darnay Holmes: 30
  • Shane Lemieux: 66
  • Cam Brown: 47
  • Carter Coughlin: 49
  • T.J. Brunson: 35
  • Chris Williamson: 31
  • Tae Crowder: 37

None of the rookies will wear the same number as they did in college.

The most interesting thing about the announcement is T.J. Brunson and Tae Crowder opting to wear numbers in the 30s. While numbers in the 40s have become more commonplace among NFL linebackers in recent years, it’s very rare to see a linebacker wearing a number in the 30s.

It’s worth noting fans should consider holding off on buying a jersey until after the preseason. Sometimes a number a rookie wants is held by a player who may get cut. Fans saw that happen when Eli Apple spent the preseason wearing 28, only to switch to 24 before Week 1.