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Poll: Majority of Giants fans expecting a better season

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Let’s check out the ‘SB Nation Reacts’ results

It seems like we have spent a good deal of time lately debating how many games the New York Giants might — or might not — win in the 2020 NFL season. It is a debate, of course, that has no real answer at this point, as even the number of games that might be played in a season defined by COVID-19 is really an unknown.

Oddmakers have generally listed the Over/Under for the Giants in a 16-game season at 6.5. I recently took the ‘Over,’ though I certainly acknowledge the difficulty of the schedule, the disadvantage [though he adamantly denies it] rookie coach Joe Judge and the Giants face because of the current environment, and the fact that the Giants have won just 12 games in three seasons.

Despite that 6.5-win ‘Over/Under,’ oddsmakers have the the Giants favored to win only one or two games, depending on which book you want to wager with. USA Today is out with a prediction that the Giants will go 2-14.

The latest SB Nation poll of Giants fans, now named ‘SB Nation Reacts’ rather it’s former title of ‘FanPulse,’ shows more optimism. In that poll, 72.88 percent of respondents have the Giants winning between six and eight games. A season of 0-5 victories is expected by 22.03 percent of our voters, and a season nine or more wins is expected by 5.08 percent of fans who participated.

A six- to eight-win season might show that the Giants are finally pointed in the right direction. Another year of five victories or less, and we could be in for another drastic overhaul of the Giants.

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