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Re-live Super Bowl XLII on FOX to see the Giants defeat the Patriots

Giants launch second-screen experience this Sunday

New York Giants’ wide receiver David Tyree pins the ball to Photo by Ron Antonelli/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

Any New York Giants fan looking for a pick-me-up during this uncertain and sports-free time is in luck. This Sunday, April 12 at 3 p.m., FOX will re-air the Giants’ historic 17-14 win over the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

Re-visit the emotion of Michael Strahan walking up and down the Giants sideline, asserting “17-14” over and over and the famous David Tyree helmet catch that is still hard to believe.

Big Blue View will open a typical game thread for discussion while it is being broadcast so we can all re-live the contest together.

Also, fans can further experience what John Mara has named “the greatest victory we ever had as a franchise” using a special second-screen platform. Fans are encouraged to follow the Giants on Twitter over the course of the weekend to enjoy rare behind-the-scenes footage, including a look at Tyree’s infamously terrible Friday practice before the game, Tom Coughlin’s speech to the team the night before and an inside look at the game-winning drive.

Fans can also look forward to the following:

  • Real-time analysis from the stars of the game
  • In-depth analysis on key moments throughout the game
  • David Tyree autographed football sweepstakes
  • Live Twitter postgame Q&A
  • Oral history of the Giants’ game-winning drive in SBXLII

To get everyone in the spirit, here are some player quotes leading up to the big game.

Here are some memorable quotes leading up to the game:

Wide receiver Plaxico Burress:

“It’s a business trip, we didn’t come here for anything else. We’re playing to win.”

Linebacker Antonio Pierce:

“It’s never been enough for us just winning one game, or being 0-2 and winning one game. We’re not here to hand the trophy over to nobody. Hopefully, we’ll take that trophy back to New York and put up a good fight and good game for all the NFL and everybody to see. It hopefully makes believers out of the nonbelievers.”

Defensive end Michael Strahan:

“This is the biggest challenge, 18-0, that you can have in the Super Bowl. We have to go against the only 18-0 team ever. It’s like Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas. You wake up and you expect that Tyson knocked him out in the first round and you find out Douglas won. That’s what we hope we are. If we win, this would be the biggest upset in a lot of ways.”