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New York Giants pre-draft thoughts: Wirfs or Wills? Wills or Wirfs? Or ... somebody else?

Who’s it going to be tonight for the Giants?

NFL Draft Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s Draft Day! Finally! The 2020 NFL Draft is here, giving us both a respite from our COVID-19 altered sports-less live and a chance to stop arguing about what the New York Giants should do. In a few hours, the arguments about what they did — and should have done — will begin. Hooray for that! Maybe.

Anyway, here are a few things I’m thinking about as we wait to see what Commissioner Roger Goodell’s basement looks like.

What will happen at No. 4?

I really don’t know. Here, though, is what I think.

I think the Giants have relatively even grades on all four of the top offensive tackles — maybe even hybrid defender Isaiah Simmons. Which is why I think they have so loudly announced a willingness to trade down.

There was chatter on Wednesday about the Miami Dolphins looking to move up. There is also the possibility the Jacksonville Jaguars really are willing to offer picks 9 and 42 for the fourth pick, that is tempting. That would, though, put the Giants in the position of taking whatever is left of the offensive tackles, Simmons or even defensive tackle Derrick Brown rather than having the pick of the litter.

In the end, I believe odds are the Giants end up staying at No. 4 and picking whatever player they like best. As you should know, I think that is going to be an offensive tackle.

Which one? The chalk is Tristan Wirfs of Iowa, and if the Giants end up staying at No. 4 I think he is the most likely choice. If they trade down a couple of spots I think, though, they would be ecstatic to come away with Alabama’s Jedrick Wills.

Selecting Wills would make our crew of draft analysts happy because Wills is the highest-graded tackle on our Big Board. I honestly won’t be surprised if Wills is the pick in either circumstance, I’m just not convinced the Giants think he is worthy of the fourth overall pick.

I will be honest — when it comes to the Big 4 offensive tackles I don’t think there is a right answer. Or a wrong one. There is just personal preference. So, we’ll see.

Take a bow, fellas

In my not-exactly-unbiased view, our draft coverage just gets better every year. This year it has been better than ever.

The Wirfs profile that posted earlier today was, if my math skills are trustworthy, the 104th in-depth prospect profile we have most. Most of those were by Chris Pflum, with some help from Nick Falato and Joe DeLeone.

Chris and Joe have also been crushing the pre-draft process on the Chris & Joe Show on BBV Radio. If you’ve missed any of that coverage, go to the home page and scroll the episodes. I know you will find things you will both enjoy and learn from.

You want a draft resource? If I was you I would print out the two-axis offensive and defensive big boards put together by Chris, Joe, Nick and former BBV contributor ‘Invictus’ and cross off players as they get selected. That way you will have an idea which players team might be selecting from when they are on the clock.

By the way, many thanks to ‘Invictus’ for making time to contribute to our pre-draft coverage. Now if we can just convince you to come back to the site permanently. Dude, you know you don’t need a life ... or a full-time job!

Nick Falato’s scouting eye has also been a massive help to the site — and to the depth of our draft coverage. Emory Hunt’s videos have breathed life into our long-dormant YouTube channel. Matt Willamson’s series on what NFL scouts look for at each position is essential reading.

Me? All I’ve done is my weekly mock drafts, some podcast interviews and a handful of opinion posts. Other than that, I just sat back and watched these guys work.

Quarterback roulette

I’m fascinated to see what happens with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert and Jordan Love. You know how this usually works. After all the posturing, quarterbacks are almost always overdrafted. I think that’s probably going to happen again Thursday night.

A quarantine silver lining

Quarantine life stinks. I haven’t played golf yet this year and the highlight of most days is taking a walk. My son and daughter-in-law live just a couple of minutes drive away with two of the grand kids, and they have enough privacy that we get to see them a few times each week. My other granddaughter is five hours away, and we haven’t seen her in forever.

Anyway, what is that silver lining? Well, I have been working from home (when I’m not in New Jersey at the Giants’ facility, of course) since probably 2009. A couple of things happen when you are home alone all day, every day. You become a creature of habit. Certain things (meals, cups of coffee, walks, naps) happen at the same time every day. You become scheduled. The other thing that happens is the days bleed together as one becomes like the next, and without peeking at the calendar it’s easy to lose track of what day it is.

Mrs. Big Blue View has picked on me for years about those things, especially my somewhat rigidly scheduled days. Well, guess what? She’s been working remotely for six weeks now and, lo and behold, 1 p.m. has become Mrs. BBV’s daily nap time. And my lunchtime is her lunchtime, Oh, and the other day she looked out the window and said “hey, the neighbors think tomorrow is garbage day.” Because, umm, it WAS garbage day. Let’s just say I laughed hard when she figured that out.

So, yeah, I’m enjoying that. At this point, you take whatever little pleasures you can.

Facebook Live is still a thing!

Because my quarantine beard and I just did one. Here it is.

Enjoy the draft folks!