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NFL Draft rumors: Dolphins trying to jump Giants ... for an offensive tackle?

As we have drawn closer and closer to the 2020 NFL Draft, there has been more and more chatter that the Miami Dolphins, who pick one slot behind the New York Giants and have long been expected to target quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, might have a different idea.

Now comes this:

Could Miami actually want to jump the Giants, or swap places with them, to get the offensive tackle of their choosing? Perhaps.

One thing we know for sure. Miami has a gazillion (OK, 14) draft picks. Six of those are in the first 70 picks. Thus, if they want to move ahead of the Giants to the third overall pick they certainly have the ability to offer the Detroit Lions an enticing package to make that happen.

Or, they could easily offer the Giants their fifth pick plus No. 56 or No. 70 in the second round if they wish to do so.

Maybe the Dolphins could be the trade partner the Giants have apparently been seeking in an effort to move down and acquire at least one more pick in the top 100 of the draft. GM Dave Gettleman and the Giants need to be warned, though, that swapping with the Dolphins here might end up costing them the offensive tackle they want most.

One other thing to note here is that Ian Rapoport’s remark that “We could see a run on tackles in the Top 10 like never before” might be more motivation for the Giants to simply grab the best offensive tackle on their board and not wait until later in the draft to try and find one.