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2020 Big Blue View Consensus Big Board: How we rank the NFL Draft prospects

Laying out the prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-NFL Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every year we spend much of the pre-draft process working behind the scenes toward putting together a big board. Every year it starts well in advance with preliminary film work, which we build upon for our scouting reports. Then over the months leading up to the draft there are positional top five lists, then top 10 lists, and finally the Big Board itself.

A few years ago the decision was made to transition from a classic “Top 100” big board to two-axis board which breaks prospects up into tiers.

This year I was able to coordinate with InvictusXI, Nick Falato, and Joe DeLeone to come up with a consensus big board drawing from a variety of perspectives and minds. Obviously this board has a “New York Giants” tint to it — we all cover and prepare for the draft from a “Giants” perspective — but these are our own rankings.

Each of the players in a tier carries a similar grade, however we did try to list them in order of preference. Therefore, the players listed higher we expect to be drafted earlier, though drafting any in that tier wouldn’t be considered a terrible “reach” for that round.

Finally, we only went to a “Fourth and fifth” round tier. Beyond that and the board would get too unwieldy for our purposes here.

Use the Big Board during the draft to see which players we believe should be selected at various stages of the draft.

Note: The pictures themselves had to be shrunk slightly to fit. You can zoom in by clicking.