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The Chris and Joe Show: Potential scenarios for the second round of the draft

How will the first round influence Day 2 for the Giants

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Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

On our last episode, the Chris and Joe Show went over the various directions the New York Giants could go with the fourth overall pick.

How the Giants use the fourth pick could be greatly influenced by how the Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, and Los Angeles Chargers all decide to act. While we’ve zeroed in on a couple likely draft picks, there are enough X-factors that the fourth pick is still full of intrigue.

But what about the 36th overall pick? That pick is exponentially harder to forecast, but we’ve settled on a couple general scenarios for the Giants.

In This Podcast

  • Which defensive players could slide out of the first round?
  • Which offensive players could slide to the Giants at 36?
  • Where should the Giants look if they draft a defensive player in the first round?
  • How would drafting an offensive tackle influence the Giants in the second?
  • What about a trade down in the first?

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