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Valentine’s Views: Things I’m thinking about, including Jadaveon Clowney and Chase Young

It’s time share some Sunday thoughts

NFL Combine - Day 4
Chase Young
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

As free agency winds down and we creep closer to the NFL Draft, here are some things I’m thinking about.

Jadaveon Clowney

Many are clamoring for the Giants to rescind the franchise tag they placed on Leonard Williams and use that money to sign Jadaveon Clowney, easily the premier player remaining on the free agent market.

With Clowney’s price tag apparently having dropped from $22 or $23 million annually, to somewhere around $17-18 million on a shorter-term deal that’s a move the Giants have to consider.

I have been, and still am, staunchly against throwing a big-money, long-term deal at Clowney. His injury history and the fact that NFL teams can’t bring players in for physicals during the current travel shutdown caused by COVID-19, make anything more than a one- or two-year commitment to Clowney a bad gamble.

If Clowney is willing to take a one-year deal at a price point no higher than $18 million I’m not sure why the Giants wouldn’t do that. I would. If they lose Williams in the process, so be it.

Chase Young

Could it really happen? Could the premier pass rusher and the guy most analysts think is the best prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft class really fall to the Giants at No. 4?

I have believed all along that Young to the Giants isn’t happening, and I still believe that to be the case. There is, though, a scenario in which it could.

The Washington Redskins have the No. 2 pick. What if they trade it to a quarterback-needy team like the Miami Dolphins or LA Chargers? Or, what if after losing cornerback James Bradberry to the Giants, they decide they have to have Ohio State cornerback Jeffrey Okudah?

The Detroit Lions have the No. 3 pick. After trading cornerback Darius Slay, there is an assumption they won’t let Okudah get past them. You know what they say about assumptions, but what if that one is right?

I doubt all of this is happening, but ... maybe I’m just in the mood to tease you.

What’s left in free agency?

If they are unable to win the Clowney sweepstakes, is there another significant move left for the Giants in free agency?

Bringing back Markus Golden, a good but not great player who gives great effort and is an excellent locker room presence, is one idea.

I keep coming back, however, to cornerback Logan Ryan. Yes, the Giants signed James Bradberry to a big-money deal. Yes, they have a plethora of young cornerbacks. What they still don’t have is an experienced, quality slot corner. Ryan, familiar to Joe Judge and Patrick Graham from their days with the New England Patriots, would give them that.

A quick plea

During these anxious times when people are on edge, thrown out of their normal routines and unable to partake in many of the activities that bring them joy and a release from day-to-day stress, I want Big Blue View to be a temporary escape. A safe haven if you will.

We are doing everything we can to keep things as normal as possible here. I hope you all will help us.

We all have our political views, our feelings on who are what is to blame for this mess, and our beliefs on the quality of the leadership we are getting out of Washington. I certainly have mine. This, though, is not the place to discuss them. So, let’s not.

Also, let’s try to remember that readers and commenters who come here are all Giants fans who want to see a winning product. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion on how to achieve that.

I never want those differences of opinion to turn into personal attacks, especially now when people can use a relaxing escape. So, make your point and leave it be. Forget the personal bickering. It’s useless and unproductive, anyway.