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New York Giants announce full coaching staff

Joe Judge’s first group of NFL assistants is complete

New York Giants Introduce New Head Coach Joe Judge Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge has officially announced the remainder of his 20-person staff of assistant coaches. We previously had received confirmation of the hirings of Jason Garrett (offensive coordinator), Patrick Graham (defensive coordinator) and Thomas McGaughey (special teams). Now we know the staff’s full makeup.

“The first thing I was prioritizing was good coaches who had a deep concern for the players that they were going to coach,” Judge said in a statement released by the team. “It has to start with the relationship from the coach to the player and understanding that we’re working together. Next thing I was prioritizing was good teachers. We had to find guys who can paint that mental picture for a player and find a way to tap into how they learn and get the most out of them. To me, it’s a big trust factor with the guys I have on the staff. I have a personal relationship with a lot of these guys, professional relationships with nearly all of them. Guys who I have not worked with directly, I’ve competed against, I’ve known for some time. I’ve more than done my research on everybody on this staff, including the guys I’ve worked with. No stone has been unturned. I’m very excited about the group we have in here. I know they’re going to bring a lot to this organization. I know they’re going to be a great asset to the players they’re going to coach.”

The full coaching staff is below.


Offensive coordinator — Jason Garrett
Quarterbacks — Jerry Schuplinski
Offensive line — Marc Colombo
Assistant offensive lineBen Wilkerson
Running backs — Burton Burns
Tight ends — Freddie Kitchens
Wide receivers — Tyke Tolbert
Senior offensive assistant — Derek Dooley
Offensive assistant — Stephen Brown
Offensive quality control — Bobby Blick


Defensive coordinator/assistant head coach — Patrick Graham
Defensive line — Sean Spencer
Outside Linebackers/senior assistant — Bret Bielema
Inside linebackers — Kevin Sherrer
Defensive backs — Jerome Henderson
Assistant defensive backs — Anthony Blevins
Defensive assistant — Jody Wright
Defensive quality control — Mike Treier

Special teams

Special teams coordinator — Thomas McGaughey
Special teams assistant — Tom Quinn

The staff includes two former NFL head coaches in Garrett (10 years with the Dallas Cowboys) and Ktichens (one year with the Cleveland Browns. Bielema was a college head coach from 2006-2017 with stops at Wisconsin and Arkansas.

“Everybody brings a different type of experience to the job,” Judge said. “I didn’t set out to hire anyone with former head coaching experience. That ended up being a plus of what different guys brought to their area.”

Judge’s thoughts on specific coaches

Quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski ...

“Jerry is an incredible teacher,” said Judge. “He has done a phenomenal job of developing young quarterbacks in this league. He simplifies the game so the quarterback can play fast in terms of understanding our scheme and analyzing the opponent’s defense.”

Running backs coach Burton Burns ...

“I’ve worked with Burton, so I knew first-hand the impact he has on the players he coaches,” Judge said. “He’s coached a number of great backs, he’s coached on a lot of championship teams, and he knows how to get the most out of his players. He’s tough. That’s one thing you’re going to find out about Burton right away. He’s tough. He’s hardnosed, he coaches tough, he demands his players to play tough. But he has as deep a care for the players he coaches as anybody out there. They respond to him because they know he’s in a foxhole with them.”

Wide receivers coach Tyke Tolbert ...

“Tyke’s a guy I knew throughout the league from going against him,” Judge said. “He’s a guy that came recommended by a lot of people that I know very personally. But ultimately, the deciding factor on Tyke is you turn his tape on, and his guys play hard, they play fundamentally sound, he’s been able to develop a number of receivers in different systems, and ultimately, the video tapes are what tells you how a guy is coaching.”

Tight ends coach Freddie Kitchens ...

“I think any position on offense is good for Freddie,” Judge said. “He’s got a lot of experience at different positions. He’s been head coach, he’s been a coordinator, he’s been a position coach. He sees it through a lot of different perspectives. What I love about Freddie is he brings an element of toughness and discipline to his room. He brings outside the box thinking a lot of times to how he approaches the game from a game plan perspective. I think he’ll be an asset to working with our offensive coaches and developing the game plan throughout the week. But ultimately, I’ve worked with Freddie, I’ve played for Freddie, and I’ve called against Freddie, and I understand what his players are about.”

Offensive line coach Marc Colombo ...

“Continuity is very important, especially between the offensive coordinator and the offensive line coach, that they can be on the same page starting out,” Judge said. “One of the challenges of a new staff is getting on the same page and working through some of the differences that maybe we’ve had from past experiences but making sure we’re working to one goal. I’d say with Marc, the deciding factor wasn’t his past experience with Jason. The deciding factor was he’s a tremendous coach. His body of work as you turn on the tape and watch how his guys play with technique, execution and toughness is ultimately what the deciding factor was.”

Outside linebackers coach Bret Bielema ...

“There’s a lot of things (to like) about Bret,” Judge said. “I think Bret brings a great personality to the group, brings a great perspective on how he sees the game, he’s coached the front for some time, he’s coordinated defenses at a high level. Players respond to Bret in a positive way. He has a great way of teaching, he has a great way of getting the guys motivated, and he gets the most out of his players. He brings experience from the NFL, as well as college, so not only does he understand what’s going on in the league now, he understands what the players coming from college are used to and how to better translate the trends they’re going to see.”

Defensive line coach Sean Spencer ...

“The most impressive thing about Sean is the players he’s developed through his time at both Vanderbilt (2011-13) and Penn State, among other stops in his career,” Judge said. “Sean has a great energy about him, he has great command within a room, his players respond to him, they play hard and they play fundamentally sound.”