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Which NFL Draft prospect makes the best PB&J sandwich?

In honor of new Giants’ coach Joe Judge, we had to ask some NFL draft hopefuls how it’s done

Kyle Murphy

When Joe Judge was hired as head coach by the New York Giants he said he wanted to hire teachers to fill assistant coaching roles.

“Teach me how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” is one of the phrases Judge used.

Naturally, the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis is the place to ask NFL draft hopefuls off-the-wall questions.

Thus, after explaining the Judge comment to a couple of offensive line hopefuls I asked for their PB&J advice. You be the judge of which sandwich you would order from the lunch menu.

Kyle Murphy, OL, University of Rhode Island

“First, you gotta get good bread. My favorite bread is multi-grain. You gotta get good peanut butter, some real peanut butter. I’m a big smooth guy, I don’t like too much crunchy.

“I always put the peanut butter on first on one half of the bread, and I always load it up with the peanut butter. I kinda have OCD with that, so I’ve gotta spread it perfectly. With the other piece of bread you’ve always gotta get good jelly, and I’m a big strawberry jelly guy. The old-fashioned strawberry jam with the pieces in it.

“You spread that with the other piece of bread. You don’t put as much as the peanut butter, but you put a decent amount. You gotta spread it evenly like the peanut butter, and then you put ‘em together.”

John Molchon, OL, Boise State

Molchon, for what it’s worth, wins the award for best porn stache I’ve seen this week. Sadly, I didn’t think to take a picture. Anyway, here we go with Molchon’s PB&J masterpiece.

“So, the first thing I like to do is I’ve got two pieces of white bread that I open up. I love strawberry jam, so I make sure there’s a good amount of strawberry jelly with an even spread. Not too much, not too little, so you get a good sweet taste and then I also prefer a chunky peanut butter on the white piece of bread. Then, I’ll spread that open. I’m not too much of a peanut butter guy, so I just want a little bit of a hint of it, and I like the chunky so you can have more to chew.

“Before you fold ‘em up I like to put bananas in mine. I like to slice them up and evenly put them throughout the peanut butter side and then I’ll flip it over. That’s my go-to. For me, that’s what keeps me eating PB&Js.”


Which PB&J are you ordering for lunch?

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