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Tiki Barber ‘loves’ Joe Judge’s staff

Former Giants RB has high praise for New York’s new coach

Tiki Barber Visits “Mornings With Maria” Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Tiki Barber isn’t one to second guess the New York Giants’ decision to hire Joe Judge as its head coach.

Barber, the Giants former All-Pro running back, joined SB Nation Radio host Jake Asman on Radio Row in Miami recently to talk about the Giants and the Post-Eli era.

The Giants great had high praise for Judge. Some had criticized Judge as an inadequate hire given the coach’s modest resume as New England’s special teams coordinator.

“You know, I’m excited for the steps they’re taking. I don’t know Joe Judge...but when you look at him and how he holds himself and how he carries himself and the things that he says, it gives you that belief that there is that focus on detail that coach Coughlin obviously espoused. The details and toughness.”

“And then the staff he built, I love,” said Barber. “I’m biased because Jason Garrett is a friend of mine, but I think he’s a great offensive mind and he’s brought in a lot of experience. Not necessarily pro head coaches but people who have experience in leadership positions, and that’s going to help this team.

“The talent is there,” added Barber, speaking on the Giants roster. “Obviously there’s some deficiencies but the talent is there. They just need to start executing and focusing on those details.”

Barber also added that Giants running back Saquon Barkley told him he’d break all his records.

“He’s going to,” said Barber. “He already did one this year.”

But the former Giants RB said Barkley can still get better.

“Keeping yourself healthy is part of your job like rushing for 150 yards. Being available. And he struggled with that last year with that high ankle sprain and sometimes trying to do too much.”

Barber said the first thing Barkley told him was “Yeah, I’m going to break all your records.”

“And what I appreciated about it... it wasn’t like he said it like ‘see ya later, I’m dismissing you,’ he said it and started asking me for advice. And I think that’s the measure of someone who’s trying to perfect their craft, and I truly believe he will.”

Barber rushed for 10,449 yards and 55 touchdowns over 10 seasons as a Giant. He is a member of the New York Giants Ring of Honor.