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Super Bowl picks, predictions: Chiefs? 49ers? BBV writers make their choices

It’s prediction time

NFL: JAN 28 Super Bowl Hard Rock Stadium Photo by Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

How do your Big Blue View writers see Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs playing out? Let’s find out.

Chris Pflum

When it comes to the question of who wins this Super Bowl, I’m reminded of the tag line from Alien vs. Predator - well sorta. That line was “Whoever wins... We lose.” but in this case I think the real answer is “Whoever wins... we win!”

I say that because I think the real winners of this game will be the fans. For the first time in recent memory we have a Super Bowl matchup with fresh blood, and two teams that are legitimately exciting to watch. Both teams are young, complete teams and this could be a game of strength against strength.

As for which team will come out on top, I honestly have no clue. But I think I’m going to go for the Chiefs. We have seen KC look almost unstoppable (and literally unstoppable against the Tennessee Titans) and their defense has been much improved of late. More importantly, both Andy Reid and Steve Spagnuolo have been on this stage before. Spags has a ring to show for it, and Reid might as well if Terrell Owens wasn’t playing on a broken ankle. And honestly, I’d like to see Reid get his ring. I have come to have enormous respect for him as a coach and as a football mind.

Final score: Chiefs 28, 49ers 24

Matt Williamson

This game is truly too close to call and personally, I can’t wait for kickoff. With the two best offensive minds in the NFL leading their respective teams having two weeks to prepare, I expect plenty of fireworks. A very strong case can be made for either the Niners or Chiefs to emerge with the win, but in the end, I just can’t put money against Patrick Mahomes.

Final score: Chiefs 38, 49ers 35

Joe DeLeone

Finally, we don’t have to suffer through watching a game that we know the New England Patriots were likely going to win. We’re graced with an amazing matchup, but an incredibly difficult one to pick. The Chiefs boast the most explosive offense in the league, yet the 49ers have the most disruptive defense. With so much up in the air, you have to lean in favor of the best quarterback in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes might not have the best protection in front of him, but no one else can evade pressure and throw like he can.

Final score: Chiefs 32, 49ers 28

Ed Valentine

Well, looks like I’m going to make it a clean sweep. As much as I believe in the old-fashioned “run the football, stop the run” tenets and appreciate the 49ers, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are special.

As good as the San Francisco defense is, I can’t imagine Kansas City scoring less than 27 points. I just feel like this Chiefs team is unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time. Besides, I’d love to see former Giants coaches Steve Spagnuolo and Dave Merritt get another Super Bowl ring.

Final score: Chiefs 30, 49ers 24