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2020 NFL Draft prospect profile: Netane Muti, G, Fresno State

Netane Muti is a risk, but he might be a risk worth taking

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Fresno State Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants need to add talent to their roster. Not only do they need starters for 2020, but they need depth and players who can be starters down the road as well.

There will be prospects available at points in the draft with the traits and ability that far out-weigh their draft slot. Those players typically fall because they come with some kind of associated risk. The question for teams is whether or not they are comfortable with the type and magnitude of the risk.

Fresno State offensive lineman Netane Muti has experience at both tackle and guard and looks to be either a late first or high second-round talent. However, he comes with enough medical risk that he could well slide in the draft. Would the Giants be comfortable taking a player like Muti? And where does the potential upside outweigh that risk?

Prospect: Netane Muti, G, Fresno State
Games Watched: vs. Idaho (2018), vs. Minnesota (2018), vs. USC (2019)
Red Flags: Achilles (2018), Lisfranc injury (2019)


Quick Summary

Best: Athleticism, power, competitive toughness, run and pass blocking
Worst: Health, range
Projection: A starting guard in a zone blocking scheme.

Game Tape

(Muti is the left guard, number 52)

Full Report

Fresno State guard Netane Muti is a good athlete for the position with experience playing both tackle and guard. He is a sudden athlete off the line of scrimmage with a good get-off at the snap. He has good short-area quickness to mirror athletic pass rushers and the ability to anchor against bull rushes. Muti plays with a wide base and shows good, fluid footwork. He is able to maintain his balance and times his feet and hands well, making his punch effective. Muti doesn’t hesitate to throw his punch and is active in engaging defenders, working to establish inside leverage.

Muti is a capable run blocker and has the ability to execute zone blocks as well as create movement downhill on power runs. He shows very good competitive toughness and is constantly looking for work or to finish his blocks.

Muti has had serious struggles with health and availability. He missed most of the 2018 season with a ruptured Achilles tendon (suffered in the Minnesota game), and missed most of the 2019 season with a lisfranc injury.

Overall Grade: 6.0M - An above average prospect with many above-average traits a team can win with. (Note: This player has significant medical concerns which must be evaluated but do not factor into this grade.) [Grading Scale]


Netane Muti has played both tackle and guard, but projects as one of the best interior linemen in this draft class. He has the athleticism to play tackle if necessary, but his greatest upside is on the interior. A team might even try him at center, but he has the potential to be an elite athlete for a guard. When he is on the field he has a very well-rounded game with few flaws. Muti has the athleticism to match up with athletic pass rushers as well as the power to anchor against defensive linemen or to create movement in the run game. He is technically sound with good hand usage and footwork, as well as good leverage and pad level.

The big question with Muti is his health. He has played just five games in the last two years and also missed his true freshman campaign with an injury. Teams will have to be very thorough in their medical work-ups of Muti and whichever team drafts him will need to be comfortable with what they find.

That being said, if his future team is able to keep him on the field and healthy, it’s Muti has the potential to be a significant steal in the draft. He has fringe first round ability and is a starter at guard for any team that runs a blocking scheme based on zone blocking concepts.

The question is where teams are comfortable taking that risk.