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Big Blue View Mailbag, 2/1: Tom Brady, draft questions, retired numbers, more

The mail’s here!

Let’s get right to your Super Bowl Weekend Big Blue View Mailbag.

Rob Doherty asks: Is there a universe in which the Giants try to pull off a trade with the Bengals to acquire Chase Young with the first pick? No, right? Too insane? Couldn’t help wondering if it would be worth it for the (alleged) second coming of Nick Bosa.

Ed says: Rob, I’m sure there is one. I don’t, though, thinks it’s one the Giants are currently living in. Listen, Giants fans have just got to get over the Chase Young desperation some seem to feel.

The Giants are not one pass rusher away from winning a Super Bowl. That’s the only circumstance under which you give up the kind of draft capital it would take to move up. They have lots of needs. My preference, to be honest, would be to move down a couple of spots with one of the quarterback-needy teams, add some picks and choose between Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons and the best offensive tackle available.

Getting Chase Young would be nice. He isn’t the only really good prospect in this draft class, though, and there are lots of ways for the Giants to end up with players who could and should help them.

Seth Friedman asks: DG is on record stating NYG won’t be huge spenders in free agency. Let’s take him at his word. In past 2 off seasons DG has traded for players who were in the midst of long-term contracts. Ogletree was a bust and Zeitler was a success. Do you have any thoughts on which players might be available through trade who can help NYG from teams that are looking for cap relief?

Ed says: Seth, I think the Giants will be “selective” in free agency. If there are a couple of players they truly feel could be difference-makers for them I believe they will spend. The ones who jump to mind are right tackle Jack Conklin and EDGE rusher Yannick Ngakoue. Your question, though, was about trades. I don’t really know at this point who might be available. Sometimes, you never know until a guy is actually moved. I understood the Ogletree trade, even if it didn’t work out. The Kevin Zeitler swap for Olivier Vernon was highway robbery of the Browns. Getting Zeitler for a player the Giants might have been ready to cut was masterful. Right now, though, I do not think the Giants should be looking to deal draft picks for expensive veteran players. Take the long view. Add draft assets and young players, not expensive contracts.

mkoopersmith asks: If, as has been previously reported, Shurmur’s staff was unable to effectively develop many of the players on the roster, the new coaching staff may initially find it difficult to assess the quality/potential of many of the players. Two questions: When, and to what degree, will Joe Judge and his assistant coaches have access to the players during the off season? And how difficult will it be for the coaches to determine what they have?

Ed says: The new coaching staff can really do nothing with the current players until the offseason program begins. They can’t watch film, hand out playbooks, give any real instruction of any kind. They can speak to each other, but those conversations cannot involve what could be considered “coaching” of any kind.

How difficult will it be for coaches to determine what they have? It shouldn’t be that difficult. That’s their job. It’s what they are trained to do. They have tons of film available. They studied many of these players leading up to the draft in recent years. They will spend the spring and summer watching, learning and coaching every day. They will figure it out. Now, will they make a few evaluation mistakes along the way? Sure. No one is perfect, and in a transition there will always be a couple of players who slip away.

Jay B asks: I know you said you’re not fully there yet when analyzing the draft and some of the players in it but it seems that Simmons and Becton are becoming early favorite picks. If you had to pick right now Simmons or Becton In the first round which position would you prioritize? A massive tackle to protect Jones or I do it all linebacker?

Lastly is this the year of the trade down? Will they finally do something a little bit differently?And will Joe Judge’s Patriot influence sway Getty?

Ed says: Listen, if Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons is the best defensive player on the board when the Giants’ turn comes and they select him I’m not going to complain. Or blame them. They need all the defensive help they can get, and Simmons seems like the kind of chess piece that Judge is looking for. Shoot, I probably wouldn’t complain if they were to conclude that Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is a weapon they couldn’t pass on, either.

That said, if it’s me I want one of those tackles. There are four — Mikhi Becton, Andrew Thomas, Jedrick Wills, Tristan Wirfs — and each has supporters when it comes to figuring out who is best. What I know is this — I want one of them. I want to see the Giants do whatever it is they feel they have to do to finally get this offensive line right. The futures of Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley are riding on the ability to do that.

Marcus Mewborn asks: Do you feel that the Combine is really just a production and feels like a bit of a show to some degree? I get it has its benefits as teams are able to interview players and get to know them. But do you feel the Pro Days is more important as this point to amateur players and franchises? And was the combine more useful to NFL franchises back in the day or were pro days always just as if not more important?

Ed says: Marcus, yes the Combine is more of a show than the Pro Days or the All-Star games. Each, though, serves a purpose when it comes to evaluating prospects. The medical evaluations at the Combine are huge. The other part that is huge is the interview process, the time teams get to spend with players. It’s an environment where, simply because there is nothing else like it, teams get to see players function and react in ways they otherwise don’t. The testing numbers should really only confirm what teams already know, or send them back to study the film again. Now, on field evaluation has to come from film study, All-Star games and the rest of it. You aren’t getting that at the Combine.

I’m lumping these “jersey retirement” questions together.

Chris Hynes asks: With Eli’s retirement and the debate as to where he belongs in both Giants & NFL history, I have been doing some research on Giants history. I was shocked that I was not previously aware of the great historic career of Emlen Tunnell. During his time with Giants besides his dominant play, he is truly historic as both the first African American to play for the Giants as well as the first African American in the HOF. With that being said, how is it possible that his jersey has not been retired? I know he is in the Ring of Honor, and that he would not be able to enjoy the moment. However it would be the right thing to do for his legacy and let more people be aware of his achievements.

Seth Weissman asks: Since the Giants are going to retire numbers 10 and 92, can someone please remind them to retire number 53 while they’re at it? Carson played his entire career as a Giant, is in the Ring of Honor, made 9 Pro Bowls, helped win a championship and is in the Hall of Fame. What else does the guy have to do?

Ed says: Guys, listen I would like to see both of those jerseys retired myself. You could throw Sam Huff in there, too. If I thought about it long enough I could probably make a case for some other players, too. I know I always think “that’s Carson’s number” when the Giants give out the 53.

That said, I know NFL teams are reticent when it comes to retiring numbers. There are 53 guys on a roster. Toss in players on IR and you need 60 or more numbers each season. On top of which, the league has rules regarding numbers that can be worn by players at certain positions.

Both guys deserve every honor they have gotten. I have never actually asked anyone with the Giants if there was a specific reason for keeping Carson’s number in circulation. Perhaps I will.

Jay B. asks: Tom Brady calls up the Giants and Joe judge and says I want to play till I’m 45 give me a two-year deal. Would you entertain bringing in Tom Brady for two years and sitting Jones? Let’s remember Jones was probably put in earlier than people expected when they drafted him. The Giants have done a lot of losing. Would you bring Brady in for short-term success or do you think it would just be too detrimental to Jones development?

I’m not a huge Tom Brady fan but I think I might consider it what better way to develop than to Have another two years under the tutelage of the greatest quarterback of all time? Further this team needs to start doing some winning and a guy like Brady brings instant credibility.

Ed says: No. Zero percent chance. You don’t draft a guy No. 6 overall and then do that to him. You basically ruin him and have to start over in a couple of years. The Giants have their quarterback, and Brady isn’t it.