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Giants news, 12/7: Stunned Seahawks react to loss

Seattle reaction, what others are saying about the Giants in today’s headlines

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NFL: NOV 15 Eagles at Giants Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Jamal Adams ‘pissed off” by loss

The Seattle Seahawks did not expect to be on the losing end Sunday. Safety Jamal Adams expressed how the stunned Seahawks felt after the game.

“It stings, it stings. I’m pissed off,” Adams said. “Coming from where I came from, a New York team, it just hits a little bit different for me. But it’s not about me. Obviously, we’re going to bounce back, we’re going to figure it out, we’re going to correct mistakes. But it definitely stings. It definitely stings.”

Adams did give credit to the Giants’ power run game.

‘You’ve got to give credit to them and the way they ran the ball, different personnel, bringing in ’22,’ ’22-T,’ ’13’ personnel, the way they switched up their looks,” Adams said. “They were window dressing it, but they were running the same exact thing but we couldn’t stop it in the third quarter. We didn’t do our job.”

Pete Carroll assesses “uncharacteristic” performance

The Seattle coach called it “uncharacteristic” that the Seahawks, averaging 31.0 points per game before Sunday, were unable to put up more points against the Giants.

“We didn’t move the ball. We weren’t making plays to change field position, we didn’t chunk them at all. We actually ran the ball pretty well early, but throwing the ball was a struggle. We took just monster losses in the sacks, that just take you out, the whole drive is just totally challenged from there on. Because, they weren’t like 6 or 8 yard sacks, they were like 20s. So, unfortunately all of those situations just kept us from getting any momentum at all. We never got moving. It just isn’t like that. None of us have seen us play like that, so it was very difficult,” Carroll said.

“I’m really surprised that this is how we looked against this game plan that they had. I thought we could do a lot of stuff that just didn’t happen for us.”

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