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Giants coach Joe Judge pays the price for lost bet

“Ridiculous outfit” result of lost rivalry game wager with Evan Engram

Friday was yet another example of how Joe Judge, a tough guy coach who drives players hard and has high expectations, relates to them and gets them to buy in.

The New York Giants coach showed up at his Friday videoconference in an “unusual” outfit, adorned in an Ole Miss hat and sweatshirt. Why? Judge, who played and coached at Mississippi State, lost a bet with Ole Miss grad Evan Engram about the result of last week’s rivalry game. Ole Miss won, 31-24.

Engram even briefly stuck his face into Judge’s Zoom call to gloat over his team’s victory, not to mention his head coach’s discomfort at what he was wearing.

“I’ll just explain this ridiculous outfit I’m wearing,” is how Judge opened the call. “This is the consequence of losing a bet from a rivalry game with Evan Engram.”

Here is a better look at Judge’s get-up.

Judge said had he won the bet Engram would have had to carry a cow bell around all week.

The coach always says there are consequences for your actions. That obviously goes for him, too.

What do you think, Giants fans? You approve of the outfit?