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New York Giants at Baltimore Ravens Madden 21 Simulation

This one did not go well for the Giants

Sunday’s game for the New York Giants holds significant importance for their playoff possibilities. Needing a win to stay in the playoff race, the Giants are facing a very well balanced Baltimore Ravens squad.

For this Week 16 matchup, we simulated the game in Madden 21 to see what the outcome of this game could be. In this simulation, it did not go very well for the Giants.

This game was an absolute mess for the Giants from the jump. Early in the first quarter, Daniel Jones threw an interception while marching down the field. He later added to his turnover total with another interception by Marlon Humphrey on third and goal in the second quarter.

At halftime, Baltimore led 6-0 from two Justin Tucker field goals. Their lead expanded by two in the third when Calais Campbell dropped Jones in the end zone on a read-option play.

While this game remained a one-score game for a majority of it, the Giants could not get their offense moving. Lamar Jackson gladly walked into the end zone in the fourth quarter to put the game away, 18-0.

The offensive struggles for the Giants were blatant, as Jones threw three interceptions while completing only 37 percent of his passes. They also only totaled 27 yards rushing.

The Giants have an uphill battle to climb against Baltimore’s stout defense this Sunday. Hopefully, they’ll have more offensive success than they did in Madden.