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Zoom mania! What we learned from Giants position coaches

Giants assistants dish stories and info prior to Week 13 games against Seattle

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals
Niko Lalos dives to make an interception vs. the Bengals.
Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Every couple of weeks media gets an opportunity to videoconference with New York Giants position coaches. We focused Wednesday on what we heard from offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo. Here are more of the highlights from Wednesday’s media session.

QB coach Jerry Schuplinski

Much of the chat with the quarterbacks coach was about backup Colt McCoy, who replaced the injured Daniel Jones in the third quarter of Sunday’s victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

“He was ready. As soon as I saw Daniel limping I just screamed out ‘Get loose.’ Before I could even do that he was sprinting over to the bench to get the ball,” Schuplinski said.

“There’s no way that he would ever want an injury like that so that he could go in, but I think he was really excited, really fired up about that.

“Sometimes the life of a backup, they don’t need until they really need you and when they need you they really need you.”

What does Schuplinski expect from the veteran quarterback if he has to start in Jones’ place Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks?

“He sees the field pretty well, he knows what he’s looking for,” Schuplinski said. “Probably one of his biggest strengths is he can recognize coverage and get the ball out quickly to where he wants to go.”

RB coach Burton Burns

The rise of Wayne Gallman was the main focus of the chat with Burns.

“The guy has been steadily improving from week to week. I think what you see with him is he’s got a better understanding of how the scheme is connected with the offensive linemen, what his reads are and just overall confidence with how to run a given play,” Burns said.

“You can see his confidence growing and being a lot more comfortable in the schemes that we’re running. That’s why he’s had some success.

“He’s just more relaxed at doing his job now.”

WR coach Tyke Tolbert

“I wish I had a thousand Sterling Shepards.”

That was Tolbert’s take on the Giants’ veteran receiver. Tolbert also told a funny story that illustrates Shepard’s desire to win.

“He’s a very, very tough competitor,” Tolbert said. “When I give the guys their grades from the previous game and he doesn’t score the highest he wants to know why and he wants to see if I can change my grade.”

DL coach Sean Spencer and OLB coach Bret Bielema

I am lumping these guys together because they have been job-sharing undrafted rookie Niko Lalso, and both were asked about Lalos on Wednesday.

“We always knew he had tools. Like he had quickness and he was really good in college and we just had to transfer that over obviously with a different level of football he wasn’t used to playing against the competition that he would see week-in and week-out ... he adjusted to that pretty quickly,” Spencer said.

“First time he went against Andrew Thomas and got stoned he figured out real quick it’s a big difference.

“He’s a student of the game. Constantly wants extra work and always asking how he can get better.”

Bielema also lauded the Dartmouth grad’s intelligence.

“A very analytical guy,” Bielema said. “When you’re dealing with guys like him you better tell him what you want right the first time because he’s going to do it that way every time.”

Bielema is impressed by Lalos’ temperament.

“I don;’t think much rattles Niko. From LeBron James tweets to interceptions he just kinda handles everything in stride. He’s just that kinda kid, takes it for what it is. I don’t think there is going to be any moment that gets too big. I wasn’t surprised to see him be around a play,” Bielema said.

“There’s very few guys that would be able to turn and flip and make the athletic play he made to just lay out and get his hands underneath it.

“He’s a skilled athlete. You weren’t surprised when he made the play.”

DB coach Jerome Henderson

The Giants, of course, have to deal with Seattle’s DK Metcalf this week. Henderson called the 6-foot-5, 229-pound Metcalf “a big monster.”

How do you defend him?

“You hope that the pass rush is really fired up,” joked Henderson.

Problem is, the Seahawks also have Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson.

“You just wish they had one really fast good receiver. They have two. You’re always weighing how do you handle them both and how do you keep them both in front of you. How do you commit resources in the back end to take care of those guys? A lot of your answers are stressed when you add the quarterback running around,” Henderson said.

“If my beard wasn’t gray it’ll be grayer by the end of the week, until this thing’s over.”