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Film study: Why the Giants are struggling to cover punts

What is the issue on punt coverage?

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

In multiple games, this season, the New York Giants have made egregious errors while covering punts. These errors may have gone unnoticed by some because of the recent success of the Giants. While they’ve won some games despite these mistakes, coverage problems can creep up on the Giants in the future.

I pulled three clips from recent games that helped the Giants’ opponent improve their field position drastically. Two came from the recent loss to the Arizona Cardinals, and both placed Arizona in a strong offensive field position. The third play came from a very critical play against the Cincinnati Bengals that almost cost them the game.

These punt coverage issues are certainly fixable, but Joe Judge and Thomas McGaughey need to emphasize the fundamentals of punt coverage to help prevent more issues in important games. In the video below, I broke down how NFL teams are coached to cover punts, and why the Giants are messing up.