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Giants GM Dave Gettleman “50-50” to return, says ex-NFL GM Jeff Diamond

Former NFL Executive of the Year visits ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast

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New York Giants v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Former NFL Executive of the Year Jeff Diamond said on the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast Friday that in his view New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman is “50-50” to be back next season and that Daniel Jones will be the team’s quarterback in 2021.

Much of what Diamond said about Gettleman, Jones, coach Joe Judge and whether or not the Giants are getting better is summarized below. The full episode is here:

Have the Giants improved?

“I think it’s kind of hard to tell in some ways,” Diamond said. “I think it’s difficult to judge the team when their dynamic running back has been out, obviously Saquon Barkley ...

“Just the other thing that’s difficult is just the COVID season. It’s kind of hard to make big judgments on teams. I just think it was always going to be the advantage was going to go the teams that had the returning head coaches, returning quarterbacks, a returning core of talent.

“The advantage really goes to those teams with no offseason program on field and makes it very difficult for a team with a lot of turnover, lot of changes, such as the Giants.”

Part of judging whether they have improved or not is figuring out what Daniel Jones is or is not.

“I’ve seen some good things from Daniel Jones. The other night was a great example against Tampa Bay when his inaccuracy at times and forcing some balls and throws two picks, but he’s got the good mobility, he’s got a good enough arm and he just flashes some really good things such as the touchdown pass to Golden Tate which was a great throw. Then, he gets them in position to tie the game and makes a bad throw on the two-point conversion,” Diamond said.

“Those are the things I’m sure that are kinda frustrating for (Joe) Judge and for (Dave) Gettleman and John Mara as they look at this team.”

Dave Gettleman’s future

There are two sides to a coin, and two sides to the argument over whether Gettleman should stay or go — although those who have already decided he needs to go don’t want to hear anything else.

“He may buy another year because of COVID, because of all the difficulties navigating that with no offseason and still with a young quarterback, without your top running back, missing your second-round pick who’s been out basically for the year so far and a rookie left tackle who certainly is undergoing some growing pains to say the least,” Diamond said.

“I could understand if John Mara made the move and just said we haven’t made enough progress and we’re going to make a change at the GM spot. But I could also easily see John sticking with Dave for at least another year and saying it’s been a COVID year, it’s been a weird year, we’ve had major injuries and let’s see how this plays out and let’s see how the draft class develops.

What is Diamond’s gut feeling right now?

“It’s kind of a 50-50 proposition in my mind at this point. It could definitely go either way ... If I was going to guess because of COVID, because of everything that’s happened I think he stays one more year,” he said.

Is Daniel Jones playing for his job?

Diamond doesn’t think so, and he also believes the pocket awareness and decision-making issues that have plagued the second-year quarterback can get better.

“I do think Daniel Jones can improve in that area (pocket awareness/decision making) and I also think when he’s got Barkley in the backfield it makes such a huge difference because then teams are going to respect the run more, it plays into the play-action game and I think that will help his cause.”

“I would say in terms of Daniel Jones the jury is still out. It’s obvious that that’s the situation. Will he turn into an elite quarterback, a Pro Bowl quarterback? I’ve seen some really good things from him the last couple years ... I think again when they’ve got the running game as a threat that play action will be so much more effective. So, [let’s see what happens] with Saquon Barkley in the backfield for a full season and then we can make our kind of final judgments.”

Is Jones playing the final eight games to prove he should be the Giants quarterback in 2021? Diamond doesn’t think so.

“I don’t really expect the Giants to make a move and go to the draft and look at a Justin Fields or somebody like that when they invested the sixth pick in the draft on Daniel Jones just the two years ago,” Diamond said. “I think they want to give him time and play this thing out a little bit further. As I said, he has talent, he’s just got to improve in a lot of different areas.

“I just don’t see them giving up the ship on him at this point in time.”

Is Joe Judge the right coach?

Halfway through his rookie season, Judge is 1-7. Not good. He has, though, done a number of good things. Have the Giants found their long-term coach?

“I like the energy that the team plays with under him and I think despite some talent issues at certain positions and injury problems and all that he’s got them playing hard, he’s got them the other night playing the team that could be the top team in the NFC this year down to the wire,” Diamond said. “I think those are positives.’

“I just feel like he’s got a good presence. I feel like the players want to play for him ... There are a lot of positive things about him so far, but ultimately you’re going to be judged on wins and losses. It’s not going to happen in 2020 or 2021. He’s going to have some time to prove himself.”

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