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New York Giants at Cincinnati Bengals: Week 12 Madden 21 Sim

New York Giants football is finally back this Sunday after what feels like an eternity. Coming off two straight victories against NFC East rivals, the Giants are entertaining a battered Bengals squad.

As the NFC East race narrows, Sunday’s game carries a ton of importance for continuing the Giants momentum. To help us predict what might happen during the game, we simulated it in Madden 21.

In this simulation, the Giants offense was firing on all cylinders throughout the entirety of the first half. Multiple 20-plus rushes and catches led to two passing touchdowns and a field goal. Their lead grew all the way to 17-0 right as the first half was ending.

Shockingly, the Giants offense was nonexistent for second half. Both defenses remained stout, resulting in a scoreless final two quarters of the contest. The Giants ultimately comfortably held onto their 17-point lead. They stuffed the Bengals offense on multiple attempts to get back into the game.

With such a dominant defensive showing, the star of the game was a surprising name. Linebacker David Mayo was that standout performer on defense, finishing with 11 tackles, one tackle-for-loss, and two sacks.

Offensively, Darius Slayton and Evan Engram both hauled in touchdown receptions. Slayton totaled four catches for 58 yards, while Engram had three catches for 32 yards. Daniel Jones had another clean performance of no turnovers.

Facing a Bengals team with no Joe Burrow lines up the Giants for a perfect opportunity to win their fifth game of the year, and third straight game. We’ll see Sunday at 1 o’clock if this prediction will come true.