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Giants news, 11/25: Playoffs, DeAndre Baker, more

Let’s check the Giants-related news for Wednesday

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NFL: NOV 15 Eagles at Giants Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

DeAndre Baker has justice served, too late for the Giants - Sports Illustrated

It strikes me that Baker was dealt an injustice here. The Giants, like everyone else, saw the salacious reports of a Scarface-like armed robbery, and, with the social media mobs circling, they submitted: Baker was sacrificed to those mobs and released.

This is not to impugn the Giants specifically; many—if not most—teams would have done the same thing. And Baker may have had other issues, although no team is going to give up on a first-round pick after one season without extenuating circumstances. ...

I get it; it is hard to stay the course when the pitchforks are out demanding blood, and the Giants succumbed with Baker. Now Baker, after significant reputational and financial damage, has been cleared of the alleged behavior that led to his release and has found refuge with the Chiefs. But it is fair to wonder how many similar cases, in this 24/7 world of social media, have led to players being released never to meaningfully return to NFL work again. As we approach Thanksgiving, some food for thought.

Time will tell if these Giants can thrive in surprising playoff race

The Giants were out of it in 2017 and 2019 and pretty much not actually in it in 2018, meaning those who survived all the turnover and remain on the roster know little, or nothing other than being out of contention around Thanksgiving. As Bob Dylan put it, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.’’ For all the blathering about going week-to-week and building for the future, finishing 3-13 or 4-12 or 5-11 is a big deal to no one on the inside and vital only to those doing NFL draft bookkeeping.

All four teams in the NFC East after 10 games have three victories, which is pathetic and also nicely egalitarian. The only separator with this non-Fearsome Foursome is that the Eagles at 3-6-1 have a tie on their ledger, while the other three teams are 3-7. Somebody has to win the darn thing. The Giants have as good a chance and also as bad a chance as any in this Queasy Quartet.

Here's how the Giants, feeling good at 3-7, can win the NFC East - New York Giants Blog- ESPN

Bengals News: Rex Ryan goes off on Zac Taylor’s handling of Joe Burrow; Why he’s wrong - Cincy Jungle

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