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Film Room: Daniel Jones, two weeks, and hope

Looking at the tape of the Giants quarterback from the past two weeks

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference two weeks makes.

In the wake of the New York Giants’ loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in Week 8, questions were swirling about quarterback Daniel Jones and his future as the signal-caller for Big Blue. The Giants lost on that Monday night in large part due to three mistakes by the second-year passer. A pair of interceptions, and a late throw on the final 2-point conversion try, doomed New York.

Since then? The Giants have won two straight games, they are back in contention in a weak division, and Jones has not turned the ball over.

What we have seen in the past two weeks is the promise, and the hope, that Jones indeed can put things together. We have seen improvement in the mental side of the game, as well as the physical. Perhaps, just perhaps, that failed conversion lit a match.

Last week we looked at Jones working vertical concepts against Washington, as broken down here:

Sure, this is a “day one install” type of design, but you see the mental execution as well as the physical traits from the quarterback.

That continued on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. In this video you’ll see Jones again working a four verticals concept, and as pointed out by Dan Schneier on Twitter, Jones makes a tremendous post-snap read. You’ll also see Jones working the Ohio or go/flat concept, something he did well at Duke:

Now in this video, you’ll see three more throws against the Eagles. First, an example of Jones hitting an underneath window with decisiveness. Then, another Ohio concept throw with Jones making a hole shot read and throw against a two-high safety look. Then finally, the aggressive deep shot to Darius Slayton to ice the game:

Hope. It is a powerful thing. Giants fans are right to feel it again.