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Fan confidence poll: Giants’ fans gaining in optimism

Nearly three-quarters of voters in our poll feel good about the team

Despite their team being just 2-7, New York Giants fans continue to gain confidence.

In our most recent ‘SB Nation Reacts’ poll, 74 percent of fans who responded expressed confidence in the team. That is the highest percentage since 81 percent voted that they had confidence prior to Week 2 of the season. Confidence in the ‘Fightin’ Joe Judges’ has doubled from a season-low 37 percent in Week 4.

The Giants face the 3-4-1 Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday at MetLife Stadium. The Giants have not beaten Philadelphia in their last eight tries. A victory Sunday, though, would mean that after 10 weeks of the season no team in the NFC East would have won more games than the Giants, who would be 3-7.

For what it’s worth, only 31 percent of Eagles’ fans said they had confidence in the most recent ‘Reacts’ polling.

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