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No team discipline expected for Giants’ Golden Tate, Joe Judge says

Takeaways from Judge’s Monday media availability

NFL: New York Giants at Los Angeles Rams
Golden Tate is tackled by Jalen Ramsey. The two had a post-game altercation.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants coach Joe Judge spoke with media members Monday before hopping on a plan to head back to New Jersey from the West Coast. Here are some of the takeaways.

On the Golden Tate-Jalen Ramsey situation

Tate and Ramsey were involved in an on-field brawl after Sunday’s game.

“I don’t want John Mara, Steve Tisch or anybody involved in this team to have to deal with something like this after the game. This isn’t why we play the game,” Judge said.

“There’s a history, obviously ... there was a punch thrown. Golden was defending himself. I was told he wasn’t the one that threw the punch and everybody involved was trying to break it up.

Judge doesn’t expect any team discipline for Tate.

“Based on the information I was given and what I saw with my own eyes and what our players gave me it didn’t sound like there is an immediate need for that, but we’ll look into it if there is,” he said.

On Andrew Thomas

The fourth overall pick has struggled so far this season, with the lowest Pro Football Focus pass-blocking efficiency score of any qualifying tackle.

“He’s a guy with a tremendous amount of potential, that’s why we brought him in here,” Judge said. “He’s been baptized by fire really this first part of the season. He’s seen a lot of elite edge rushers. He’s seen a lot of multiples come at him, obviously trying to attack him as a rookie and see what he can handle. He’s done a lot of things very positively and some other things like with any rookie he’s gotta learn from and correct.

“We’re not going to write him a pass for being a young guy or being a rookie or not having a preseason, that’s not the way we operate here,” Judge said. “But look, I’m very pleased with the way he’s working. There’s a lot of things he’s learning on the fly right now ... the guy shows up every day and works and competes.”

On creating easier throws for Daniel Jones

“It’s a combination. As coaches we have to do thing to put people in the right position and call at the right time. You’re going to play against good defenses and you’re going to have tight coverage. Individually we have to play better within our techniques, make sure we work to get open and then spreading the ball around the field a little bit and that’ll help alleviate some of the defenses we’ll see.

“We’re expecting tight coverage and tight throws, it’s the NFL. You’re not going to have a magical scheme that’s going to create guys wide open all the time. We’ve gotta do a good job with contested catches and making plays.”

On Cam Fleming/Matt Peart

Peart, the team’s third-round pick, played 12 second-quarter snaps in place of Fleming at right tackle.

“We didn’t pull Cam Fleming,” said Judge, explaining that getting Peart some right tackle reps was part of the pre-game plan. “They didn’t have a preseason. A lot of these young players eventually are going to have to play for us, wanted to get them involved as much as we can, get them game action.”

On Daniel Jones’ game-deciding interception

“You’ve gotta see it through the perspective of the quarterback. It’s easy for us on the sideline or watching on tape to say you shoulda done this or shoulda done that,” Judge said. “He made the decision he made. We can’t sit here and handcuff our quarterback by looking over his shoulder and second-guessing everything he does.”

On playing NFC East games

The Giants play five of their next six games against NFC East teams.

“Every game is important in the NFL, but I think it’s no secret when it comes to the NFL it’s about your division. We have five of the next six weeks division games so we have to do a good of coming out here ready to roll. It’s going to be tough games. There’s not going to be any easy opponents right here.”

On development of young players

Rookies Thomas, Peart, Darnay Holmes and now Tae Crowder are playing large roles.

“I think we’ve got a lot of young guys on the roster who are really starting to come around. You can kinda see a difference in their eyes, which is kinda natural for them to have after some experience on the field. They’re acclimating a little bit to not only the speed of the game on the field but the speed of the game in the classroom and how you have to carry it from the classroom to practice. It’s kinda slowing down for ‘em a little bit.”