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NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Giants fall to No. 29 after heartbreaking loss to Eagles

New York has an aggregated power ranking of No. 29 heading into Week 8

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NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After earning their first win in the Joe Judge era, the New York Giants lost a heartbreaker last Thursday night to the division-rival Eagles, 22-21.

Aggregating seven rankings from around the Internet, the Giants come out to an average ranking of No. 29 in the 32-team NFL entering Week 8. They fell one spot in our aggregated rankings from last week.

With a 1-6 record, the Giants are in fourth place in the NFC East but the division is still largely up for grabs as every other team has just two wins apiece.

Let’s check out what outlets around the league are saying about the Giants heading into Week 8 of the season:

USA Today: No. 28

Daniel Jones’ 80-yard run (faceplant?) gets filed right next to the Butt Fumble in N.Y. quarterbacking lore. FWIW, Saquon Barkley’s career-best run is 78 yards.

CBS Sports (Prisco): No. 30

They competed against the Eagles, but you get the idea Joe Judge isn’t keen on moral victories. Yet they are still in the race with the Bucs coming to town.

The Washington Post: No. 29

Daniel Jones stumbled and fell on his own during his 80-yard run in Thursday night’s loss at Philadelphia. He could face a fine if it’s determined that he violated coronavirus protocols with his night out Friday in Manhattan with Saquon Barkley. It wasn’t a great two days for the Giants’ young QB.

Sports Illustrated: No. 29

This team is not as far away as many think. Joe Judge needs players, but throughout this season seems to have figured out a lot of the other issues (namely, how to motivate this team to play). No. 29

You have to wonder if Daniel Jones — and really, this entire era of Giants football — will be remembered for the quarterback’s would-be breakaway touchdown run ruined by the villainous turf monster. It wasn’t Butt Fumble bad, but it was the type of lowlight that can come to define a player. If Jones is lucky, he’ll have a long career, and his tumble will be a minor footnote recalled only by diehards and snarky media folk like me. But if Jones doesn’t pan out, and the Dave Gettleman regime is swept out in totality, we’ll all remember Jones’ gallop — its majestic start and cruel end. Oh, and let’s be fair to Danny Dimes: We’re not even talking about this if Evan Engram makes that third-down catch late in the fourth quarter. No QB can do it alone.

ESPN: No. 31

Daniel Jones was expected to make the jump in Year 2. That meant cutting down on the turnovers and proving to the new coaching staff he was the unequivocal quarterback of the future. Instead, Jones has looked much like he did as a rookie — flashes one play, makes a bonehead play the next. He is tied for second in the NFL with 11 turnovers through seven weeks. These final nine games are an opportunity to take that next step in his progression.

Sporting News: No. 29

Joe Judge needs his team to better execute the little things needed to win games. There’s more promise for Daniel Jones and the offense now and the defense has been playing better than expected in many areas. Now it’s about coaching to put it all together.