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NFL trade rumors: Giants not looking to trade Evan Engram — report

NFL insider says Giants would need to be blown away by offer

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
Evan Engram
Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Of all of the players on the New York Giants roster they could trade at some point in the next eight days, Evan Engram might be the one who would bring the best return. The Giants, though, are reportedly not trying to move the talented, but also flawed tight end.

Ian Rapoport of wrote this on Sunday:

There has been some interest in Browns TE David Njoku and Giants TE Evan Engram, though neither team intends to move either guy. Perhaps if they are blown away by a monster deal, but both talented young tight ends figure to stay put.

What kind of offer for Engram might blow away the Giants?

Here is what a couple of respected NFL talent evaluators told me recently when I assessed the Giants’ trade chips:

Dan Hatman, director of The Scouting Academy and a former NFL scout, said “health is hard with Engram and the Giants might not get more than a sixth- or seventh-round pick. Former NFL GM Jeff Diamond told me it would take a “great offer” to move Engram if he were the GM, and in my view a sixth- or seventh-round pick isn’t it. If the Giants can’t get a third- or fourth-round pick, in my view, they are better off keeping Engram and figuring out how to maximize his ability.

Best guess is it would take a Day 2 pick to make the Giants at least think about moving Engram.

There is some belief the offensively-challenged New England Patriots might have interest in Engram. Other teams that make sense might be the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens, who had been rumored to be interested in wide receiver Antonio Brown before he landed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Pretty much any playoff-bound team that could use another receiving option might consider Engram.

Question is, will any of them offer enough to convince the Giants to move on from the 2017 first-round pick?