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VIDEO: Giants will need Cover 4 beaters against Washington Football Team defense

Beating Cover 4

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s start with some numbers.

From my charting, Washington Football Team has given up 26 passing plays of 15 yards or more this season.

Of those, 19 have come with the defense in some kind of zone coverage.

Of those, 12 have come with Washington in Cover 4.

Now that might make some sense on a conceptual level. Defenses might roll out Cover 4 in long yardage situations. If we are taking about giving up a gain of 17 on a third and 22 when you’re using Cover 4 and trying to keep everything in front of you, you can argue that the defense has done its job.

However, that has not always been the case with Washington this season. In this video breakdown we’ll see the various ways that teams have thrown against Washington’s Quarters coverage this season:

With numbers like these, and the film to back it up, expect some of these Cover 4 beaters to be in the game plan for the New York Giants this Sunday.