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Which Washington Football Team player would you most like for the New York Giants?

There is really only one possible answer

Washington Football Team v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Each week I have been trying to answer the question “which player from this week’s opponent would I most like to have on the New York Giants?”

This week I think that’s an easy one.

The answer is the guy that fans were clamoring/hoping/praying for in the 2020 NFL DraftChase Young.

Sure, we can talk about wide receiver Terry McLaurin. We could debate whether the Giants should have drafted Montez Sweat instead of Dexter Lawrence in 2019. We could even whine about the Giants letting Landon Collins go to the Football Team via free agency.

The answer, though, is Young. Period. End of conversation. I’m not even bothering with a poll because any other answer is just, well, wrong.

Here’s Giants coach Joe Judge on Young:

“He’s really athletic, which enables him to do a variety of things. His speed off the edge is very good, his reaction on the counter moves, the way he plays off contact. He has great instincts to find the ball, which is very important because this is a guy, you go to the Eagles game, they really chipped him a lot with the running back and the tackle and they try to get the double teams to slow him down. You watch him in that and his ability to spin off and get inside and really still isolate and make it a one on one matchup and get to the quarterback. He has a great knack for finding the ball in the pocket and really going and attacking the quarterbacks as they’re trying to step up in the pocket. He has versatility to drop in the pass. He can really play in the zones. He has good breaking speed, he’s a good tackler. This guy plays with a high motor. Look, whether it’s him or (Montez) Sweat on the other side, these guys come off the edge, they’re dangerous players.”

Young, of course, went off the board at No. 2 in the 2020 NFL Draft. The Giants had the fourth pick.