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Poll: Giants keep losing, but fan confidence keeps rising

More than half of our voters express confidence despite 0-5 record

There is something strange afoot in the New York Giants fan base. At least in the part of the fan base that votes in the weekly SB Nation Reacts survey. The Giants keep losing, now 0-5 on the season. Yet, for two weeks running, voters in our poll have shows increasing confidence in the team.

That isn’t how this generally works and it is surprising, to say the least.

Fan confidence fell to a season-low 37 percent after a Week 3 drubbing by the San Francisco 49ers. It has risen in each of the past two weeks though, to 48 percent after Week 4 and now to 54 percent.

So, more than half of our voters are buying what coach Joe Judge is selling — that the team is improving week over week despite not being able to come out on the winning side of the scoreboard yet this season.

Asked about progress after the loss to the Dallas Cowboys, here is what Judge said:

“That’s all that really matters, to be honest with you, the progress that we’re making right now. The record will come in time. Obviously, we’re not happy about losses, that’s not what we do here, but I’ve seen a lot of progress on all fronts and all units. We have to keep making consistent progress to keep being a better team as the year goes.”

Winless or not, a majority of our voters seem to agree.