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Joe Judge on learning to win, Andrew Thomas, more from Sunday’s loss

Takeaways from Judge’s Monday media availability

NFL: OCT 11 Giants at Cowboys
Joe Judge with Kyler Fackrell.
Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In the aftermath of a fifth straight defeat, New York Giants head coach Joe Judge met with the media on Monday to assess the carnage of an 0-5 start that has the Giants as one of the league’s three winless teams.

Here are some of the takeaways.

On the idea that teams need to learn to win ...

“You hear a lot about that expression ‘learn to win.’ To me you can make a lot about the 60th minute of a game, but winning really starts in the first 59 minutes of the game. You learn to win by doing your assignment on a consistent basis, by executing correctly, by calling the right calls as a coach, by putting your team in the best position, and that’s how we learn to win. We’re working. We’ve gotta make sure we execute and that we do a better job as coaches and we execute as players.”

On the struggles of Andrew Thomas ...

“He sees a mix of things every week. The multiples pile up a little bit in terms of what he’s getting an education on, but I think he’s progressing at a good rate right now. We want to see some improvement from all of our players across the board, both vets and rookies.”

On his “blunt” message to the team ...

“Our message to the team is always pretty blunt and simple. To me it’s about evidence on the tape of what we have to correct, what we’re doing well.

“I’m not a rainbows and sunshine type of guy. I’m also not a brow-beat you and rub your nose in it type of guy, either. It’s this is what it is. Understand what we’re doing good that we can build on, understand what we have to correct and clean up. To me that’s the best thing for guys to respond, just show ‘em visual evidence of what they’re improving on, what we have to clean up and they understand going forward what we have to work on.”

On his team’s resiliency ...

“This is a production business. Our guys understand that we’re going out there to play games to win games and that’s what the fans deserve and that’s what we’re working to do.”

On the illegal shift penalty that wrecked a fake field goal touchdown pass ...

“We just weren’t set as a unit right there, and that’s not one person. That ties into a couple different things communication-wise and execution-wise.”