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Giants at Cowboys: Week 5 Madden 21 — the slide continues

Our weekly Madden sim offers more bad news

The Madden 21 sim continues to accurately predict New York Giants losses, and sadly Week 5 is no different. On Sunday the Giants travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys for the first NFC East game of 2020. Let's check out how Madden 21 predicts the game will unfold.

Ezekiel Elliott put the Cowboys on the board first with an 11-yard rushing touchdown. That would not be the last time Zeke reached the end zone on the day. He would go on to score three more, finishing with four total.

This game was fairly close at halftime with a score of 17-10 in favor of the Cowboys. With around six minutes to go in the third quarter, Dallas would extend their lead to 14 with another Elliot rushing touchdown.

Wayne Gallman scampered into the end zone off of a pitch, pushing the Giants back within a one-score game at the very end of the third quarter. However, Amari Cooper would practically ice the game with five minutes left off a 28-yard touchdown reception.

With limited time left the Giants attempted to get back in it, however, Daniel Jones fumbled during their comeback attempt. Two garbage time touchdowns push the score to 38-24.

Daniel Jones was surprisingly accurate, only throwing two incompletions on 35 passes. Darius Slayton also had a productive day, going for eight receptions, 99 yards, and a touchdown.

According to the Madden sim, The Giants are going to be starting their season with an 0-5 record after losing this week to the Cowboys.