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Fan confidence poll: Giants fans are falling off the cliff

Confidence tumbles sharply after third straight loss

San Francisco 49ers v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

One loss wasn’t enough to shake the confidence of New York Giants fans in the team’s direction. Two losses put a small dent in fan confidence, but didn’t do major damage. Three losses, though? After Sunday’s lopsided loss to the San Francisco 49ers it appears Giants fans voting in our ‘SB Nation Reacts’ poll have headed for the nearest cliff.

Fan confidence has nose dived from 72 percent just a week ago to a lowly 37 percent now. With the Giants being 13-point underdogs to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, the guess is that number will end up being even lower a week from now.

For what it’s worth, no fan base of an NFC East team seems to feel great right now. Fifty-five percent of Washington Football Team fans, 41 percent of Dallas Cowboys fans and a miniscule 8 percent (yes, 8 percent) of Philadelphia Eagles fans are confident in their team’s right now.

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