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Logan Ryan: Giants’ defense vs. 49ers “unacceptable”

“We need more people beating the man in front of them.”

San Francisco 49ers v New York Giants
The 49ers had way too many chances to celebrate against the Giants last Sunday.
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

One thing we have learned about Logan Ryan in the short time he has been with the New York Giants is that the veteran defensive back will give an honest answer when you ask him a question.

Here is Ryan on the Giants’ defensive effort last week in a 36-9 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

“It’s not good, it’s not the standard, it’s unacceptable,” Ryan said. “You just have to do better. Football isn’t easy but it’s simple. You have to get off the field. The best defense you can play is on the bench honestly. We just have to get off the field and give our offense the ball, more opportunities and improve our third down for sure.”

He was asked if it was little mistakes or big ones that caused the Giants’ defensive issues.

“It was mistakes. It doesn’t matter if there were little or big, they can cost you in the National Football League when you’re playing good teams,” Ryan said. “Nonetheless, regardless of the size of the mistake, it wasn’t the players executing the game plan, it wasn’t us (executing the game plan). I hold myself accountable on that as a leader on the defense to tighten those up and get back to work.”

The Kansas City Chiefs might argue, but Ryan called this week’s opponent, the Los Angeles Rams “the best offense in football.”

“It’s their balance. They have a really good running game. Obviously, their offensive coordinator and head coach is really good and talented. Their able to mask everything to look the same. Their passes look like runs, their runs look like passes,” Ryan said. “Organized chaos is what they do. They have a lot of things to make you look one way and run a play off and make you look one way and run the way they made you look and all that stuff. Any time you are playing an offense that’s averaging 29 points a game, you have your work cut out for you.”

How can the Giants not only deal with the Rams, but get better as a defense going forward?

“At the end of the day football comes down to blocking and tackling. We have to get off blocks and make tackles. The team that does that better will probably win. You are going to hear it a lot here, you have to do your job, everyone has to do their one job,” Ryan said. “I can’t come out there and try to be Superman on every play. I have to do what their asking Logan Ryan to do and count on my teammates to do their job. I have to beat the man in front of me, that’s what they pay me to do. We need more people beating the man in front of them and that’s how you play defense.”