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Steve Tisch press conference 1/9: Full remarks

Steve Tisch speaks to the media after the hiring of Joe Judge

NFL: New York Giants-Joe Judge Press Conference Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch spoke to the media Thursday afternoon at the introduction of Joe Judge as the Giants’ new head coach.

Q: What set Joe apart from the other candidates in your conversation with him?

A: I felt a tremendous amount of leadership, discipline. He is a tremendous communicator, he’s a student and a teacher at the same time. As a student, he has this voracious appetite to learn more and more. As a teacher, I think he is so committed and so passionate about working with every player on the roster, every coach on the staff. His commitment to this game and to the New York Giants is fantastic.

Q: It seemed like it was a pretty frenetic hour or two on Tuesday. You had the news break that Matt Rhule wasn’t coming for the interview and then the news break that Jason Garrett had been requested and that you hired Joe Judge shortly after. Can you take the fans through what it was like on the inside?

A: I think the road to how we got here was uncharted. It was different than what we thought it was going to be. That saying ‘everything happens for a reason’, I believe Joe Judge is our coach for a reason. Matt Rhule is the Panthers head coach for a reason. Mike (McCarthy) is the Cowboys head coach for a reason. It just worked out, (you) can’t plan for it. I don’t really make plans, if you want to make plans, you’re going to make God laugh. It worked out extremely well and I could not be more thrilled with Joe Judge as the New York Giants head coach.

Q: This is a guy that most people didn’t know his name, right. He was working with Bill (Belichick) up in New England. When was the first time he popped up on your radar? When did you hear his name and when did you realize okay this is a serious candidate?

A: I think I probably heard his name six or eight weeks ago as names were being tossed around.

Q: By who?

A: It was someone internal, but it was in the air. The more homework and research I did about all the candidates and specifically talking about Joe, the more impressed I was with his character. I think you saw today, this is a man with tremendous character, tremendous commitment, and passion about the game. Now that same passion and commitment will be on the field every game, in the locker room every day, at practice, and training camp. I am sincerely excited about the potential of where Joe can take this team.

Q: Correct me if I’m wrong, you went to see Joe on Tuesday morning?

A: Correct.

Q: What was your purpose in that and what stood out in your communication and seeing him in that moment?

A: My purpose was to have my couple of hours with Joe. It worked out that I was able to fly up to Providence (R.I.) and meet him there. When the conversation started, and my questions were answered, and the dialogue became more organic than just plain questions. I clearly got the impression that this is a very dynamic, passionate human being. His knowledge of the game, I think what he learned at Alabama under coach (Nick) Saban and clearly what he learned at the Patriots under Bill, he had two fantastic mentors. Not all students take great things from great teachers, I think Joe really has learned the best from the best. I think that is part of who he is and what his character is.