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The Chris and Joe Show - Jason Garrett and an offseason preview of the offensive line

Our thoughts on the hiring of Jason Garrett and the offensive line going forward

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Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The move many expected came to pass late Friday when the New York Giant hired Jason Garrett to be their next offensive coordinator.

Of course, not only did the Giants have to make the hire well past the close of business hours, but they did it while Joe was out of town.

It’s really all very rude of them.

So unfortunately — and obviously — we weren’t able to offer our immediate reactions and were forced to wait until Monday to air our thoughts on the hire.

This was also our planned preview of the Giants’ offensive line for the 2020 off-season. What happens with the offensive line over the coming months and how Garrett performs as offensive coordinator will likely go a long way toward determining how successful the Giants are in the coming season.

In This Podcast

  • Giants hire Jason Garret as offensive coordinator
  • What we liked from the offensive line
  • What we didn’t like from the offensive line
  • Offensive linemen the Giants could consider in free agency
  • 2020 draft prospects to keep an eye one

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