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2020 NFL Draft prospect profile: Calvin Throckmorton (OL, Oregon)

Throckmorton has started at four different positions for the Ducks — could he start at one for the Giants?

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 26 Oregon at Oregon State Photo by Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In the NFL three of the most important abilities are versatility, reliability, and availability. Those are three traits the New York Giants should covet as they look to continue to build their offensive line. The Giants need players with holes at three different positions along their line, and prospects who can play multiple positions will bring added value.

Calvin Throckmorton of Oregon is a highly experienced and versatile lineman with 38 consecutive starts across four different positions on one of the nation’s best offensive lines. He proved his versatility in Shrine Bowl practices, when coaches had him play across the offensive line and he reportedly impressed.

Prospect: Calvin Throckmorton, No. 54, OL, Oregon
Games Watched: vs. Auburn (‘19), vs. Colorado (‘19), vs. Washington (‘19), vs. Utah (Pac-12 Championship, ‘19)
Red Flags: None
Games Played: 38 (38 starts)


Quick Summary

Best: Competitive toughness, agility, run blocking, versatility
Worst: Length, explosiveness, long speed
Projection: A starting offensive lineman with position and scheme diversity

Game Tape

Full Report

Calvin Throckmorton is an experienced and versatile offensive lineman from the University of Oregon. Throckmorton has a thick, powerful frame and good movement skills which has allowed him to start at multiple positions for Oregon. He has a good get-off at the snap of the ball with little wasted movement in pass protection or run blocking. Throckmorton has quick, smooth footwork, which he times well with his strikes to maintain balance and generate power. He shows good ankle, knee, and hip flexibility to play with a wide base and good leverage throughout the rep. He has a fluid kick-slide to get both width and depth in the pocket and the short-area quickness to mirror speed rushers in pass protection. He also shows solid awareness after the snap, quickly reacting to blitzes, stunts, or counter moves by defenders.

Throckmorton shows very good competitive toughness as a run blocker, aggressively attacking defenders and consistently looking to finish reps with his man on the ground. He blocks with good leverage, and routinely looks to establish himself as the low man. Throckmorton also has good hand usage, throwing his punch with authority and always seeking the defender’s chest plate. He never hesitates to engage with bigger defenders and can hold up with good technique and leverage.

Throckmorton’s primary weakness is his size. He will be viewed as undersized by some teams and his arms will likely fall below thresholds for an offensive tackle for some teams. That lack of size can show up when he lets his hips rise and loses leverage. He also doesn’t show elite athleticism and range in space, which teams could want to see from a player with less than ideal length.

Overall Grade: 6.0 - Has the traits to be an important back-up at the NFL level and could become a starter in the right situation. [Grading Scale]


Calvin Throckmorton should be an important back-up at the NFL level, though his experience and versatility could earn him a starting job in the right situation.

He is a very experienced prospect, with 38 consecutive starts and has started games at LT, C, RG, and RT. That versatility will be an asset at the NFL level as it will allow offenses options in finding a position for him which fits their roster and scheme. He is a reliable pass protector, going 1,105 snaps in college without allowing a sack. Throckmorotn should have the versatility to play in any run blocking scheme, with the strength, leverage, and competitive toughness to play in man-gap schemes and the agility to play in zone blocking schemes.