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‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast: RJ Ochoa on Jason Garrett to Giants

He’s more optimistic than you might think

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Jason Garrett, newly-named offensive coordinator for the New York Giants, was either offensive coordinator or head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for the past 13 seasons. So, for some thoughts on Garrett’s move to the Giants, we turned to RJ Ochoa of SB Nation’s Cowboys website, Blogging The Boys.

Here are some of the things Ochoa talked about.

On Garrett as a person ...

“I’ve been fortunate to be around Jason Garrett at different times … He’s an upstanding person … He really is an incredibly charming and charismatic person … there’s a lot to like about him.”

On Garrett’s connection to the Giants ...

“Jason Garrett is much as he is a Cowboy, he is a Giant. He has spoken many times about how playing for the giants and that organization really shaped him. … He’s a very sentimental person. The Giants hold a very special place in his heart.”

“His players truly loved him.”

On Garrett meshing with Daniel Jones ...

“I think Jason Garrett has an absolute strength at working with young quarterbacks specifically.

“He has an incredible ability to work with young quarterbacks. I think it’s worth saying that people have noted that Jason Garrett’s biggest flaws generally have been game day execution in terms of being a head coach. When those responsibilities are stripped away, when all he has to worry about is his department … I would expect a lot of results. I really would.”

On Garrett’s offensive scheme ...

“The Air Coryell offense is a huge inspiration for how he sees his football world …. I think more than anything, though, I think you should expect balance.”

Please give the full show a listen.

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