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2020 NFL Draft prospect profile: Jack Driscoll, OT, Auburn

Could Driscoll be a future starter on the offensive line?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Outback Bowl - Minnesota v Auburn Photo by Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is well understood that the New York Giants need to improve their offensive line. And for most of the draft process the conversation will center around the top prospects. However, there are often capable players who aren’t widely heralded who fly below the radar. The Giants also need to begin building a pipeline of talent for their future offensive line and finding those unheralded players later in the draft is a great way to stock the back end of the roster with future contributors.

Auburn right tackle Jack Driscoll does not have the imposing physique, dominating play, or measurables to catch eyes. However, considering he has started 45 consecutive games for two programs — first starting 20 games for UMass, then starting another 25 after making a seamless transition to the SEC as a graduate transfer to Auburn — Driscoll has a healthy toolbox.

Prospect: Jack Driscoll
Games Watched: at LSU (10/26/19), vs. Georgia (11/16/19), vs. Alabama (11/30/19)
Red Flags: None
Games Played: 45


Quick Summary

Best: Competitive toughness, leverage, positioning, short area quickness
Worst: Play strength, power, pulling
Projection: Offensive tackle, starter upside. Floor as a utility lineman

Game Tape

Full Report

Auburn offensive tackle Jack Driscoll is an agile and athletic offensive tackle with excellent competitive toughness. He moves well in pass protection, getting good width and depth with his kick slide and shows quick feet to mirror speed rushers or run them around the pocket. He has a thick, strong lower body which allows him to absorb power rushes and he is generally in good position to respond when rushers transfer speed into power. Driscoll shows good awareness and football IQ, seldom being taken by surprise by stunts and twists, routinely playing them seamlessly, and quickly picking up blitzers.

Driscoll excels in using his agility and football IQ to position himself and create seams in the run game. He works well off of blocks and consistently looks for work at the second level. He also plays with a nasty streak, routinely trying to finish plays with his defender on the ground. Driscoll also has enough long speed to release into space and be a lead blocker on screen plays.

Despite having a thick lower body, Driscoll does not create much movement at the line of scrimmage, particularly against bigger defensive linemen. He can also be forced to re-anchor and give up ground to power rushers before he is able to halt the rush with a second effort. Also, he appears slow and clunky when asked to pull, either missing blocks or arriving late.

Overall Grade: 6.2 - Has the traits to be a versatile back-up in the NFL and could be a potential starting option in a zone blocking scheme. [Grading Scale]


Driscoll has starter upside as an offensive tackle in the NFL, though he will need to continue to work on building functional strength. He is best in a system which allows him to use his football IQ and athleticism, preferably in an offense which a zone blocking scheme for its running plays. Driscoll is far from the most physically imposing tackle prospect, but his competitive toughness, football IQ, and athleticism will earn him fans among coaches. Driscoll also has experience on both sides of the offensive line and could also cross-train inside at center, or even guard, giving him added versatility.